Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

Day 8 - 7/5/13

Was going to have a really really good day until I had horrible horrible knee pains and had to take Tylenol which completely destroyed my insides again. Now I'm having a lot of burning in my stomach down to my intestines and my throat as well. Don't know how to stop it. FML. just when I thought everything is almost back to normal. My knee has to be a dick now I'm back to being sick again. I think this would take at least 7 days for me to go back to feeling good like yesterday.

Took 3 aloe, 1/2 Tylenol, some porridge at night. 

Ended up having hunger pains! Urgh. 


8:30 2 glutamine. 

9:20 1 cimetidine curb the acid production. 

Will try not to eat too much today. Maybe veggie juice for the first half of the day then some rice later in the afternoon?

Probably need to be on PPI for the next few days. 

12:30 2 more glutamine because they help me staying away and energized. 

12ish 1 DGLs. Finished a whole bottle

1 drank bottle of coconut juice

2 3 aloe gels. Burning and pain especially around belly button but it's a lot better than when I just woke up. 

Will try some veggie water in a little bit. 

2:25 2 DGLs. 

2:41 food. ca nuong and veggies with rice porridge. 

2 fiber gummies 2 multivitamins. 

2:49 1 pepzin. 

4:26 2 DGLs. 

4:46 porridge with chicken and baked fish. Feel okay. Some sour taste in mouth but no more burning!!!

6:17 to 7:20 walked. 1 hour! Woo!

7:21 2 DGLs. 

8 ate food and took pepzin. 

Drank 1 coconut bottle. Sweet Jesus, it's good. 

9ish ate some canh. Bloated and heavy tummy. Took half of carbges pill. Felt better. 

10:45 1 cimetidine. 

10:55 2 glutamine. 

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