Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

Day 3 6/30/13

Did not have good night's sleep. Lots of reflux probably because I ate too late at night. Became hungry at night too. Ate some food but my sphincter got burned again. Will try to pamper sphincter from now on. Will take cimetidine at home to prevent acid reflux. Good thing tummy didn't burn so I know at least tummy has healed enough!

Woke up at 1:30 3 5:45 and 9. 

6 took 1 glutamine. 

9:15 took 2 DGLs and some honey. Honey seems to make my mouth sour. 

9:40 ate food-first meal. Same as yesterday. 
Drank some chamomile with honey and coco oil (1 capsule)
Duodenal area itches so I think it's healed  a little. Sphincter is really tender and painful. 

10:53 finished taking a walk. 20 mins. Not bad. 

10:57 took 1 aloe gel. 

12:40 took 2 DGLs. 

1:23 finished meal #2 same food but with ca kho too. Took 1 vitamin and 1 fiber supplement. Some twinges of aches in tummy and sphincter but after a couple of minutes, but the warm feeling was slowly going away. 

3 drank some chamomile. Pooped. Not have to strain not sure if it was improvement or the stool softeners (2) from yesterday. 

4:20 took 1 glutamine. 

5:18 finished meal #3 and 1 multivitamin. 

6:13 2 DGLs. 

Slight but persistent burning!!! Probably fr watching movie the Host which requires concentration?

8ish ate food. Burning stopped. I think it was because of the movie. 

9:15 ate more food. Bloated! 

9:35-9:55 ran in basement and drank one aloe gel. 

Will try the ginger+lemon tea with probiotic tonight. 

11:32 took gas X because have lots of bubbles. Sign of low stomach acid? Took 1 glutamine. 

Will try coco oil tonight if I get "hungry" or hunger pains. 

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Some of the supplements that I have/will use

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Day 2- 6/29/13

8:40 took DGL

9 ate yogurt and some rice. Bad idea. No yogurt early in the morning. My stomach feels burning and hot in waves. 

Pooped but took some more straining. Took some stool softener. Stool was black. 

9:48 stomach feels funky. Aches and some hot flashes. Some pain where I think is the bladder. 

10ish ate soup with carrots su and chicken. Stomach feels better but still have pins and needles feeling. 

Pooped. Yellow this time. Not black so the black stool before was probably from the DGL. 

Took 2 DGLs and 1 cimetidine. Will take some honey before eating food again and taking a walk. 

12:30 ate some spinach to reduce acid. Stomach seems to be better somewhat now. Will try not to eat honey too much since it is sugar and will increase stomach acid. 

12:39 started taking a walk. Don't feel as tires but definitely more pins and needles. Probably acid reflux but wasn't as bad as yesterday. 

1:06 done walking. 25 mins!

Exhausted. Had to lie down for a bit. 

2-4:30 took 2 DGLs then ate some good with almost a capsule of digestive enzymes. Some pain in "duodenal area" that slowly became a discomfort then some bloating but less bubbles from saliva and no heartburn and sour mouth/tummy. 

Took 1 fiber and 1 multivitamin. 

5 took 1.5 teaspoon of honey and 1 L-glutamine. No heartburn but some mild discomfort and pins and needles in sphincter and duodenal area. Probably from the protease in the enzyme pill. 

6:05 took 2 DGLs. Made some chamomile tea. 

8 ate rice and canh (chicken su and carrots) almost a bottle of Greek Yogurt. 

Drank 1 cup of Chamomile tea with honey and some coconut juice. 

Felt some burning on one spot where the duodenal area is. Bloated still with some pain when move or position in a certain way. 
10- ate some more canh. Bad idea. Will try not to eat after 9:30 then just go to bed early. 

11:15 took gas X and aloe gel (now foods)

11:26 took 1 glutamine gel. 

Uncomfortably bloated and feel like I need to burp but can't. Does not feel as good as yesterday. :(

Sleep time!

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Day 1- 6/28/2013

UAt night- bed at ~2am. Lots of toss and turn. Burning occurs at first everywhere then slowly subsided to just the place where eso. meet stomach. Can't get rid of it at all. Thought it was because of slippery elm but probably not.

Woke up at 8- not feel good. Very tired and exhausted. Didn't sleep very well. Keeps burning where I think is the place where my eso. and stomach hurts.

-Very tired and depressed for a couple of hours. Tried to go back to sleep but can't. Cried.

10am- feel better. Brushed teeth. Took 2 DGLs. Will have to go eat in 20. Want to test to see if this is all stress related. Will try not to be stressed out by thinking that the burning is because of the stress, which kind of makes sense. I usually gets burning when I'm stressed out.

Mouth feels dry and kinda swollen around the edges.

10:40 finished first meal of a small bowl of veggie.

10:50 started eating another bowl of veggie with 1/2 small bowl of rice. 

A little discomfort in upper abdomen where sphincter is. Been wanting to poop since I woke up.

11:09 finished food and took 1 aloe gel.

able to poop but lots of waiting and some straining. 
My UTI is getting worse. Harder to pee.

12:30 done with walking. A little harder to pee still. I'll wait till tomorrow to see what's up before seeing a doctor. Had some prickling pain while walking. Mainly in lower region of ab near the bladder and the right side. 

12:40 done with slippery elm. 4 pills in half a cup of water. Feeling somewhat bloated. 

1:04 some burning in stomach. Maybe it's slippery elm. I'm not using slippery elm anymore. It doesn't seem to help. Plus I have dgl so I already have something to coat my tummy. 

1:20 super hungry. Shaky. Burning sensation in tummy left rib and sphincter. 
Ate some food. 
1:39 finished eating food but now burning is worse. Took a cimetidine. Will use dgl again in 30 min then pepto. 

Either acid rebound or slippery elm. 

2:52 still burning on the eso but I think it's reflux so I'm not worried. Fuck it. I'm getting off ppi. 

3:27 took 2 more DGLs. Still have burning but seems to have gone down a bit. 

5:20 burning got better. Lots of warmth all over tummy. Burning in upper abdomen. But not in sphincter anymore. 

Took 2 DGLs. 

Some crammy feeling on left side where pelvic bone is (opposite of the place on the right where it usually hurts.)

6:15 finished eating rice and veggies. Took 1 multi vitamins and 2 soluble fiber gummies with 1 aloe pill. Some burning all over. Warm belly all over. 

Relatively not a stressful day so far. 

7ish~ took 2 licorice. Still have some burning. 

8:15 ate some canh. With 2 beano enzyme pills. Ate some honey, helped with heartburn!!!

At some more chicken with rice and some zyme prime. Some heartburn at night. Took some honey and DGL. Black stool next day. Not too bad of a night's sleep. Better than last night. Woke up at 1,5, 8 o'clock. 

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Another Sleepless Night- Part 1

I'm so glad I remembered this blog. Now I have a place to pour all of my heart out. Maybe when I'm done with my gastritis, I will publicize this blog to help those who are in the same situation as I am right now. For now though, it shall remain private for I don't really know what I would say and there are things I don't want everyone to know about me.

Let's start with the gastritis and work our way back. A lot of things have happened since I last posted which was what, a year ago? Lots of things happen. Anyway, back to the gastritis. I started having symptoms Winter 2013. It started out as being tired and not having enough energy and always feeling faint and dizzy, especially when I was cold. I didn't think much about it. I thought it was some kind of allergic reaction, but then it kept getting worse and worse to the point I thought I had low blood pressure again and ended up going to the hospital. But I think the main cause for my terrible gastritis was when I went home to celerate Mai's birthday. It was bad. We decided that I would drive back to FC and we can go out to drink. Bad, bad idea because I ended up drinking on an empty stomach. I drank a lot too. Way too much. Plus I took 2 Advils. God help me. I spent the first 4 hours trying to calm Megan down because she kept vomiting then 2 hours to sleep before driving to Cville again. I started having reflux symptoms on my way back to Cville and had to stop at a CVS to by some Pepcid. Ever since then, my situation got worse and worse. My stomach deteriorated. I couldn't eat a lot of things and I was constantly tired and had no energy. I couldn't even go to class. I ended up skipping the last 2 weeks of class and a Physics lab (had to make up for exams during summer too). So that was that. I basically survived on some Chinese soup, wheat bread,... and my eating pattern was very sporadic so it added the toll to my poor tummy. I ended up going to the hospital 5 times.

One night my stomach kept producing acid for no apparent reason. I wanted to sleep it off but was afraid that it might be worse that way so I took myself to the ER (5th time). Horrible experience but that would have to be another post because I have so much to say about it. Anyhow, my mom came pick my up around 9 and my stomach burned bad on the way home so we had to go to another hospital on the same day (6th time).

Then, it just got worse and worse and worse and worse. Now, I'm sitting on the toilet, trying to push out whatever that's inside me so the burning in my Z line would stop. My entire abdomen hurts now. Not all at once. Not anymore, at least, but they all hurt.

Also, there are a lot of layers to this story as well. I just want to report all the facts in this post before I talk about my anxiety and my mom and Erik and a whole slew of other things. On top of that, I think I'd start journaling tomorrow about how I feel and what I eat so that I can identify what's causing these occasional burns. 

I have high hopes that I'll recover. The question is when and at what cost?

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