Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

Day 10 - 7/7/13

Slept okay. Woke up more energized-ish than yesterday but there is definitely more burning in my esophagus because my chest area and LES region ITCHED. 

Consequence of the movie? (sitting for ~3 hours?)

Keep feeling acid going up and down in tummy. Upper abdomen feels warm, still some burning on the left side but right side seems to be okay. A little depressed that my reflux won't ever be cured but feel better afterward. 

I'm a fighter. I'll keep fighting!

8:30 2 glutamine

9 3 aloe

9:30 2 DGLs

9:45 ate a bit of white rice. Lot of sour taste in mouth.

10:20ish ate white rice porridge mixed with brown rice and steamed salmon. still have acid reflux but not so much that I feel any burning. 

2 coconut oils. 

-grocery shopping and visit Ba-

1:00 2 DGLs. 

1:13 3 aloe gels. 

1:20 Food with more brown than hire rice. Salmon and mon. 

1 coco bottle. 3 coco oils. 

2:33 2 fiber gummies. 1 multivitamin. 

4:58 finished rice with soup of spinach and chicken. 1/4 of salmon. 

Stomach hurts because I over eat. Will try to eat more often from now on. Smaller meals. 

1 multivitins. 2 fiber gummies.

Pooped. Brown (Yei!) but soft and watery. Less mucusy. 

5:18 1 align and 2 coconut oils. 

Sour taste in back of throat and burning in stomach and esophagus that won't go away. I'm scared. 

Found out it was because of the spinach!!!

Doctor's appt tomorrow. 

7 3 aloe gels. 

8:15 2 DGLs. 

9:15 food, white rice with fish and 3 pieces of mon. 

Achy esophagus and pain on stomach and right side. 

9:29 1 coconut oil to try to coat the esophagus. 

10:15 2 glutamine

10:40 1 aloe gel

Lots of tummy burning for some reason. 

10:55 3 DGLs.  Really want the burning to go away!!! Stop undoing all my progress!!! Argh!!!

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