Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

Day 5 - 7/2/13

OkI couldn't sleep because my tummy was really hurt and irritated. I regret every single second of eating that stupid second yogurt. I will try aligned again and see if it would help instead of eating yogurt because it seems like my body doesn't like dairy products. I went to bed at around 1:30 and slept until 9 but before that my stomach hurt so much that I ate some vegetables to try to pacify it and ended up having almost diarrhea around 12:30 am. Suffice to say my stomach did not have a good day yesterday. Gosh, I hate myself so much. More control and discipline from now on.

My tummy doesn't really hurt anymore but that indentation does and my sphincter hurts like a son of a bitch.

9:25 took 1 glutamine

10:15 2 DGLs.

10:40 ate small meal 1 and 1 pepzin. 

11 stomachache. Not diarrhea but feels like I need to go really bad. Did poop yellow poop with not a lot of mucus. Seems normal except it was yellow. 

Tummy hurt and pain and pins and needles. Lots of bubbles. Belly button hurts. Yogurt is so insidious. 

I cried again. It was so scary and hopeless. Now the pain has lessened but I don't want to do anything. My stomach feels full of bubbles I can feel them move.

My preriod is watery and I have very bad cramps. Wonder if the pain on the right side of my pelvis has anything to do with this.

After crying, I felt sleeply and almost went to bed. Felt bloated a little after that an went to the bathroom. Ended up pooping again and now I am very tired and exhausted. Just like how I was when I just got home. Today isn't a good day. I'm concerned that I might have more than one thing going on. 

12:40 took 1 glutamine. 

1:17 took 2 DGLs. 

1:45 finished small meal 2. 

Noticed that muscles are getting tighter especially on arms and thighs. Probably because of the glutamine.  

2:34 1 glutamine and 3 aloe gels. 

3:13- 3:24 finished veggie soup. 

4:00 2 DGLs. 

5:34-6:22 walked! 50 min! Woo!

7:02 2 DGLs. 

7:36 finished veggie soup. 

8:30 ate food and some potatoes. 

9:10 took one aligne pill. 

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