Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

Day 18 - 7/15/13 Started using Gastrozyme!

Still fasting today. 

9:15 3 aloe, 2 glutamine. 

Sore throat. Took 4 slippery elm lozenges. 

10:15 2 DGLs. Some burning. 

10:27 sucralfate. 
Walked 30 mins with mom. Significantly less burning today!!! MY TIME IS HERE!!!

11 align and fiber. 

11:55 sucralfate. 

12:25 1 cracker and some honey. 
Headache in back of head. Not enough energy perhaps. :/

Woaaaaa. Hungry as fuck. Ate food at 3:12, mon and salmon. Hopefully I don't burn to death because of this. 

Still shaky from lack of nutrients but no pain so far. 

Took 6 slippery elm lozenges. 

5:15 sucralfate. 

5:30 toast with some butter. 

A burning spot on the left on back. 

5:52 spinach and some mon. Gastrozyme. Probiotic. Pepzin. 

6:10 2 multivitamins. 

8:11 sucralfate. 

Broke up. 

9:30 Gastrozyme. Probiotic. Pepzin. Still some burning in stomach and slight pain in middle of upper stomach. 

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