Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

Ereader giveaway!

Biliophilic Book is giving away Nook, a Kindle, a Sony Touch, or a Sony Pocket (I know. Awesome).

Here's what you must/need to do, and I quote:

Here's what you need to do, and you must do all:
- Be a Follower of my blog via Google Friend Connect or Blogger Follower...I'll post an RSS and email feed soon, those count as well.
- Fill out the form. HERE!!!
- Leave a comment on this post answering one question: If you could be anyone from Arthurian Legend, who would you be and why? tricky I know

Here is how to gain additional entries:
+1 or social networking sites and blog sidebar (as many as you like when you fill out the form)
+5 for singular blog post
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Important: deadline is March 1!!!

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Quick shout out of everyone out there (including those you have never known that my blog existed.)

Merry Christmas and blah blah blah everyone! Are you happy? Today is NYear's eve!!! Happy!! Go and have fun with your family!!! I'll go and condemn myself with more hypocracy (but you don't have to know that)

Anyhow, that's all. I know that's random. But then again, this blog is all about randomness and stuff that kids don't usually learn in school! (too bad if you happen to read this kids! Life's tough, get a helmet!)

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Quick update. I swear it's quick.

Okay, so I DID bought the books. After killing myself over it for almost 3 hours I finally hit pay. It's not 94 I assure you. Try $110! Yeah. I did spent 110 freaking dollars on three books that are not even 500 pages combined.

I'm the worst. I'm horrible so by god please condemn me, whoever's reading this post. Thank you.

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I want it so badly...

Okay, so I was browsing through the newsfeed on fb and I cam across this website on the suggestion bar or whatever you call it. It's a site that let you personalize your book. Like you can change the character's name and their character to your preference. It's soo awesome and I wanted to buy 3 books. Guess how much it costs?


It's 94 dollars! 94! I don't even have half of that amount in my wallet right now! Well, if I ask my mom she would probably say yes. Yeah, she would say yes to pay 94 dollars for some lame books I bought, believe it or not.


Hell, I don't want her to pay for them. It's not like money just falls from the sky into her pocket. She has to work really hard to get them and I really really can't do that.

So I'm torn. I need money to buy those books but where? I don't have a freaking job! School occupies all of my time! WAHAHAHAAAA!!! I want those books! But I have no money! What to do?

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This time there will be no book reviews with this post (sorry but this is just going to be my complaining.)


The most hateful thing after raping. I am sure all of us have lies. More than once. Or twice. Or more than we could possibly recall. Don't get me wrong, I lie too. However, there is a difference between small lies and those white little lies. But I will focus on white lies for now.

White lies make the liar look foolish. Especially when he/she got caught hot handedly lying. So what do they do? They punish the person who caught them lying. Why? How can they? Because they are your grandparents! They can lie and nobody can give them a damn about it.

My appologies for cursing. I tend to lose control when I am furious.

As mentioned in the last post, it was snowing ----- and again, you freely have the choice not to read this post or leave this blog as you please. In fact, don't even bother reading about this post. It's intended for me and those who are in my situation.-------

I was snowing yesterday. Therefore we had to dig my car up from the 14 something in of snow. Now let's stop and count. There are five people in my house. At least for today. But only 2 went out to shovel. Me and my mother. My grands remained in the house, which was something totally acceptable. Afterall, they are too old. They should lie back and enjoy their remaing time (before they die).

So that left the fifth person. She didn't go out. Why? Because she didn't feel like it and nobody dares to say a damn thing because she's my grandmom's favorite so if you touch her, you touch her little sensitive spot and she would rise and rip you into pieces. Like a dog tearing a piece of meat.

So my mom and I, two figures whose weights combined didn't even surpase 150 lbs went out and battled with the 14 something in of snow. I looked as my mom's figure lost in the white blanket of snow while someone in there, someone who should be out here, nestled comfortably her bed.

Nevertheless we didn't complain. Finally, my grandfather joined us and my mom dismissed me since I was becomming increasingly pale and hands were freezing. I went inside. And caught the conspiracy.

Obviously my beloved grandmother had already planned on everything. Pretending that my cousin was sick that was why she could not help us. They started laughing because my mother and I had to -- and I quote-- "work our asses off out there."

Too bad I caught their white lies so they started punishing me. First saying that I was disrespectful for laying the dishes in the sink too loud (what the fuck does she want me to do? If I put the dishes down they had to make some noise! Fucking study physics if she doesn't know that simple principle! Then again, she never did study. Didn't even go to school for a single day. I understand.) So my mother asked me to go upstairs and now they were raising hell with her.

All because I caught their little white lies.

However, if someone else had caught them...say, my other cousins-- I have plenty of those-- she would drop to her knees and kiss their little toes and that white lie will immediately be denied by its very own creator.

Why, you asked?

Simple. This is when your common sense kicks in. The reason can be summed up to one word: Poverty. Yes. My mother is poorest of her daughters. That's why we had to live with her since we couldn't afford an appartment. Trust me. It doesn't feel nice when she constantly tells us that we're eating off her and ask us to move out of her house. But hey, my mom did pay them for letting us stay and she bought her own food. That is not include the countless time my beloved grandmom "borrowed" her money for my cousin, who is right now, I'm sure, is still sleeping in her comfy bed, but I digressed.

So you see, my friends. All the talks about "poverty is just temporary as long as there is a will, there is a way," they are bull****. Poverty is a crime. Because you are poor, people can strample on you whenever they please. Because you're poor you are the reason for everything inconvinience in their lives. Because you are poor you do not have the right to be comfortable. Because you are poor you have to work "your asses off." Because your poor, you have no families nor friends. Everyone is your enemies. And by God, I swear, someday, I WILL show them a taste of what they have done to me soon.

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And before you ask, no I'm not raped. (Phew, thank god). The reason I want to write a few lines (which might turn into several paragraphs) about rape is because of the book I just read (and I haven't finished it yet.) it's called Enslave by Cathy Yardley.

The book is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. In this book beauty takes the name Nadia and the beast is called Dominic. Beauty is a children of a father of three daughters, who is also-- pardon my language-- an asshole. At the age of sixty, he managed to land on a second wife half his age and get her pregnant. Well, okay. Big deal? you'd say? The problem is, he CANNOT afford to pay for his family expenses. So how know what he'd do? He arranged his first two daughter's marriages to some rich ass for a certain sum of money, which is equivalent to SELLING them. Nadia is the youngest of all and also his favorite. So he loved her and didn't arrange her a marriage. Why? Because he TRADED her to some assholes for several days for money! YES! YOU READ IT RIGHT! HE SOLD HER TO SOME ASSHOLES FOR SEX FOR A CERTAIN PERIOD. Like a sex slave.

I was utterly and irrevocably enraged when I read about this. Trust me, I don't enjoy reading these books but I felt like I had to because this is how some of us, some less fortunate of us, have to live. Her first time was with some F***ed up doctor. A goddamn DOCTOR. He treated her like a rag. But she endured and never complained. She was willing because it was the only goddamn way they can survive. And oh, did I mention the fact that his father stole car for money? What kind of PERSON is he? Selling his daughter for money and stole cars? It's his stealing that got Nadia into trouble because he happened to steal the Beast's car and he came to take it back. Obviously Nadia striked a bargain with him that she would stay with him and he could do whatever he wants to her until the car is returned. And that's when the fairy tale begins.

I'd say that the book is great. But there's not a lot of plot to it. I've read through half of the book and all I could recall is the sex. I'm sure there are more than a handful of sex scences there. The plot moved every slowly and there are lots of foul language in there. Again, I want to finish this book because I want know Nadia has a happy ending.

The one thing that's twisted and "messed up" about this book is that the sex is very wild. It involves the use of toys and-- above all-- lesbian sex. I skipped that part. Couldn't bare to read it. I grossed me out. But I have to say that it's relevant to the plot.

I'm not going to rate this book. It's not something I'd like to recommend.

The reason why I mentioned it is because it made me question what will happen when a girl is raped? In Nadia's case, it's not really rape but she's unwilling. She didn't want it to happen. To me, raping should be a felony. The rapist should be tortured before being shot in public at the area where he commited the crime. NO ONE has the right to touch a woman in that violent manner. NO ONE. So girls, I am on your side. I know it is horrible but hang in there. I just want to let you know that somewhere out there, someone actually cares. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you. Just leave a comment and I'll get back to you. For now here's the hot line for you to contact:

Remember, suicide is never the answer. You need to stay strong. You need to reveal that beast to the world. I am with you, my friends.

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It's Snowing....

Just feel like getting a few lines out while the snow is still falling and the feeling is still fresh in me.'s not exactly "feeling." I don't have any feeling looking at the snow right now. In fact, snow has lost its magic to me several years ago. The fact that several years ago, I would come and sit outside just to watch several snowflakes melt on the sidewalk seemed foreign to me at this moment. Back then snow was something new and magical. It's embarassing but I thought my prince charming would come on a snowy day and take me away...

Five years later, snow is just...snow, you know? It's cold and it's wet and it's disgusting. Snow is just the solid form of water falling from the sky after precipitation. Snow is no longer magical but just a natural process of science (or whatever you call it.)

I don't go outside anymore. In fact, I'm writing this post about snow while I'm inside my house, looking at the outside through the window. I'm view the snowy world through a television no larger than the size of a typical poster.

Thinking about snow made me realize about something deeper. When I was young, I used to ask myself (and maybe you, stranger, have asked yourself this question at some point in you life): why don't adults believe in fairy tales and miracles? Why don't they believe in magic and princes? Why do they always think of money?

When I asked my mom she told me she didn't have time. She told me I'm naive. She told me those are fake. But I never believe her. As long as you believe, micracles will happen, that was what I thought. Or what America wants children to believe.

In my late teens, I now realized that all of that is rubbish. The fairy tales, miracles, and such don't exist. They never have! I don't understand why America wants children to believe so? Why tell them a big lie when they are young? Why not let them understand that the world is harsh, if you fall, you might not be able to get up? I know it would be difficult for children to understand but at least do not tell them lies! And here is when America contradicts itself.

Don't lie, isn't that what your mother, textbooks, books, teachers, tutors, grandfather, grandmom... EVERYONE who cares tell you when you were a kid? But look at what they're doing. They lie to each other every day. Husbands to wife, friends to friends, politicians to citizens, government to the "governed," even your parents lie to you! And let me tell you about America's biggest lie:

Santa Claus

No. My appologies. I am mistaken. Let me correct myself. Santa Claus is not America's biggest lie but the world's biggest lie. Every year around this time, children are elated by just the mere sound of the words "Santa Claus." Why o why lie to them and make them believe and then someday take away that most fundamental belief from them? Don't parents understand how cruel that will be? They have experienced that feeling already, you would expect them not to make history repeat itself, no? It might not sound as bad as waking up one day and realized everyone is dead. But even that's the case, at least you know that they existed at some point in your life. Here, children are made to believe in something that never happen/exist. It is totally made up. Utterly lies! It's like you've always believed you live in a world of happiness and one day realize that you've always lived in a planet of nothingness. Nothing exists in your world but you believe it does because some jerk brainwashed and make you that way.

I thankfully do not have to experience that feeling. I know better. It's just my sister who's still living in that world of lies that I worry about.

Here, you'd ask me if I'd say that to my children, the fact that Santa Claus doesn't exist- that is, the answer is yes. I know I'm just a teenager. I'll change my mind faster than I blink blah blah. So what? At least I'll admit that I lie. At least I won't try to be a hypocrite. At least I won't make my sister believe in some mythical creature!

I know it (because I don't know if it's going to be a boy or girl) is going to hate me for it but I'm sure it will thank me later for saving it another huge heart break. There is much more to say but I'm going to stop here. I'll remember the times when it snows because somewhere at this moment, lies are told and hearts are broken.

With all that is said, I wish you a merry Christmas. May your heart heal soon.

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Mi Essay

So okay, I wrote this for one of my college app. It's extremely awkward (what did you expect from a pro math student?) But anyway, I thought I'd put this up. Maybe someone can fix it for me. (not that I expect everyone else to see it. There might have been like, zero visitors since I've created this blog but how cares?)

Okay so here goes...

The Patient in Room 188

It was one of those gorgeous summer days in June that made people want to go for long drive in their two week old Mitsubishi. I did exactly that. Armed in my most beautiful dress and shiny boots, I was ready to enjoy the first day of summer before my mom knocked on my door, which was never a good sign.

"Guess what?" she said with a wide smile on her face, "I just signed you up for volunteering at the hospital. Isn't that a wonderful idea?" Mom looked at me with eyes that could light up the whole city for days. I stared back at her with disbelieving eyes that could make the summer sky instantly snow.

The next day, I found myself standing in front of the white building labeled "[hospital name]." I turned and gave mom another "Mom, please!" look, but she ignored me and pulled me inside. As mom half-walked, half-dragged me to the designated room, I learned the person I was going to help was Heather Smith. She had heart cancer for almost five years now, but luckily the doctor had found a donor for her. She was going to have a heart transplant two months from now. We stopped in front of room 188 before mom gave me a kiss and left. I wanted to leave, but knowing mom, I sighed and did what teenage girls do when they receive "wonderful ideas" from parents; I sucked it up and turned the doorknob. I was surprised to see that the person who greeted me was no old lady with wrinkly skin but a very young lady, no older than twenty-five.

"Hello. Are you [name]?" she asked and flashed me a beautiful smile, revealing her pearly white teeth.

"Umm...I think so," I stuttered, "I mean... I am! Of course. I'm here to volunteer," I replied and hid my hands behind my back, not knowing what to do with them.
"Are...are you Miss Smith?" I tried again.

She smiled and nodded, "call me Heather. Come on in."

I took a step forward. Little did I know at that time that I had not only stepped into the room but also into a lasting friendship.

I ended up spending most of my free time in the hospital. Heather's optimism and cheerfulness were scarily contagious. In fact, it was so infectious that all I could do was laugh whenever I was with her.

"When the time comes, I will be ready," that was her motto. Heather was always prepared. To her, thinking one step ahead was not good enough but one step and a half so that if the situation changed unexpectedly, she would still be able to deal with it. Heather did not teach me to smile and let time heal the wounds; instead, she told me to cry a river when life is tough, then build a bridge and get over it. She taught me not to aim high but higher and that "good enough" never is. Every afternoon, we would sit together and laugh about random jokes or tell each other about our goals and dreams. Heather was literally hopping around whenever she told me just how happy she was, knowing she would be able to have a normal life after years of endless surgeries. I loved the way her eyes lit up whenever she told me about her dream-- to ride a bike. Soon, I told myself. I would not only teach her how to ride a bike but also about a better life, one that she had never had.


When Heather Smith died one week before the surgery, the world shut down. Everything went from black, to blacker. I hated her, hated her for not telling me that she found out her cancer was at the last stage and that the surgery would only extend her life for another brief period of time. I hated her for refusing the surgery and letting herself die. I hated her for signing that organ donation form to give her kidney to a five year old girl, her skin to a fire fighter, her corneas to a woman, and her lungs to a father of two children. I hated those doctors who cut her open and took her apart like a machine. I hated her for giving too much of herself for some people she did not even know!

Then I remembered what she said, when the time comes, I will be ready, and I realized Heather was ready. She had always been ready. Although life took a different path against her, Heather was already a step and a half ahead with her gift of life. If living is to be happy then Heather was more alive now than ever. In one day, Heather saved more lives than a person could ever have done in a lifetime. Heather did not die; she lives within those people. Suddenly, she could do more than just riding a bike. She could see the world through the woman's eyes, save more lives through the fire fighter, and take care of children through the father, and she would be able to live much longer now through the five year old girl than she would have if she had had the surgery. Heather had taught me her final lesson through her death: do not let death interfere with finding your happiness.

Today was one of those gorgeous summer days in June that made people want to go for a long drive with their three month old Mitsubishi. I did just that. Armed in my most beautiful dress and shinny boots I started my car engine and visited the place where the woman with the dream of riding a bike-- my idol-- Heather Smith forever rests in peace...

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A few words on my experience about AP Chem

So I posted this on fb for the ppl in my class so some of the stuff might not apply to you, readers, who are not in me clase de quimica. (why am I speaking Spanish?)
Before you move on, lemme tell you that I'm not responsible if you die from reading my notes out of boredom. In addtion, I know I'm a such a bad writer (that's why I got a B in English right now!) so just disregard any stupid mistakes. Without further ado, here goes...

Okay, so it's 9:39 and I'm done with my hw (if you don't count the work loads of tomorrow's hw and stuff that I have to read/practice but that's not the point) and I'm pretty much braindead so I decide to write something that requires less thinking.

Several underclassmen have ask me how to prep for ap classes. Well, my answer to you: buy a freaking ap prep book...or books!

But which one to buy?

So this is the purpose of this notes. I'd like to do a little swift glance that some of the books I bought for ap classes. I only do Math and Science, baby so don't expect history and english and blah blah here.


I'm taking Bio and Physics this year so let me start with chem since I'm already done with that.

Unfortunately I donated all my books to the local lib. so I don't have them with me to give you a detail review for each of them (get over it!).

Overal, I think there are about four popular books for ap chem. Kaplan, Cliffnotes, Barrons, and Princeton.

The Kaplan one is VERY and I mean GRAVELY easy. Seriously, I didn't learn anything new from that book. It basically teaches you basic stuff you learn in Chem 1. AND it does not have practice problems to do at the end of each chapter.

Cliffnotes...I'm not so sure about practiatice problems but I don't think it has any either (correct me if I'm wrong). In general, cliffnotes book is more indepth than Kaplan. The thing I like about it is that it usually has charts to compare certain things to one another. That, my friends, is totally helpful if you are a visual learner like I am. The one thing I don't like about cliffnotes is that it's too long and redundant. There is stuff in there that I think is common sense but they explain it in a whole paragraph. (what a waste of ink. And trees.)

Barrons...the first word that came to my mind is URGH! No indepht analysis of issues and there are stuff in there that I am sure is not on the AP exam. I swear I am not exagerating! T rue. It has practice problem, loads of them to be exactly but they are too straight forward. Most of them is like one step problem. The good thing about it is (I think) it gives you a lot of practice (tons) at each and every subchapter. But again they are too simple. BUT at the end of the chapter that's when the fun comes in. The MC is too easy while some of the word problems or free response are HELL. Like, I don't even know where to begin. Some of the free response are solved in ways that are mentioned no where in the book. They're hard but THEY ARE NOT, I REPEAT NOOOTTT, the ap exam format. So am sorry but buying the barrons is really a waste of money.

Princeton...yes! yes! yes! and Yes! If you buy it! You're 1/3 of your way to get a 4 or 5. No kidding. Especially if you have Mr. Dashbach...which I believe you do. You're covered. All you need to do is read. And by reading, my dear readers if you still have the guts to read up to this part without getting bored, I don't mean just "PV=nRT. Okay, got it. Move it," I mean "PV=nRT. What does it mean? What if I change this and not that? Is there exceptions? How do I know when to use this formular and not PV=NkT or the one with density in it?" Yeah, sound stupid to say but I guarantee there are times when you'll ask yourself those questions and you'd beter pray that is not when you're taking the test.

Seriously if you have the princeton review for Chem, you don't even need the textbook. Forget the textbook. Just read everything in the Princeton review and you're good. I SERIOUSLY MEAN READ EVERY SINGLE WORD IN THERE. SERIOUSLY PAY ATTENTION TO THE TEXT RIGHT AFTER THE BOXED FORMULARS. THEY'RE THE KEY TO CRACK THE MC SECTION IN MR. D'S TEST AS WELL AS THE AP EXAM.

In conclusion, the best book is Princeton (duh) worst book is Barrown (urg!) the other falls in between but most of them have the serious problem of having too easy practice problem or none at all!

There, I've said everything I want to say about chem.

I'll talk about Bio and Physics sometime soon. Then I'll move on to math (but don't expect this anytime before winter break.

Thank you still reading and not falling off your chair or cursing about wasting 20 min of your life reading my notes.

Goodbye now.

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College Apps.
Yeah, let's say that again. College APPzzzzzzzzzz (with z to the infinite power). Seriously, it sucks. I only apply for what? 4 colleges why the heck does it take so long? And oh, I just missed the scholarship deadline. Beautiful.
But anyway, I should get over it. No point in mourning something already happened. So...moving on to the next thing....
I want to tell you about school...but then's kinda in the category of college app...
Me: Let's talk about the Calc. Test!
Self : Not a chance. I failed it so shut up!
Me: Self! How did I fail it? I studied so hard!
Self: I don't know...maybe you're not smart enough! Then again, I've never been smart for crying out loud!
Me: None sense! I got 4.0 GPA!
Self: Oh shut up. Nobody cares!
Me: Fine!
Self: Of ocurse!
Me: Hmph!
Self: Hmph squared!
Self: Okay, fine. Let's talk about books.
Me: Not until you admit that you're not smart!
******Glared at myself.
Self: Fine! I admit! Happy?
Me: No. How am I supposed to be happy knowing I'm stupid?
Self: Forget it. Let's talk about Ice by Sarah Durst. Didn't I say it good?
Me: Ice? Heck yeah, It's good man!
Self: What did you like the most?
Me: The girl. She's such a tomboy and sassy. I'm not really into strong willed girls...Okay, that sounds kinda wrong. I'm not really into books about women working their way up in society and stuff like that, but I really like this girl. She's exactly what I [secretly] want to be.
Self: So what's it about?
********Starring unbelievable at Me.
Me: What the hell? Aren't I me? Why don't I know what's it about?
Self: Sometimes I forget stuff...
Me: Okay. Here's the summary of Ice taken from BN.

When Cassie was a little girl, her grandmother told her a fairy tale about her mother, who made a deal with the Polar Bear King and was swept away to the ends of the earth. Now that Cassie is older, she knows the story was a nice way of saying her mother had died. Cassie lives with her father at an Arctic research station, is determined to become a scientist, and has no time for make-believe.
Then, on her eighteenth birthday, Cassie comes face-to-face with a polar bear who speaks to her. He tells her that her mother is alive, imprisoned at the ends of the earth. And he can bring her back — if Cassie will agree to be his bride.
That is the beginning of Cassie's own real-life fairy tale, one that sends her on an unbelievable journey across the brutal Arctic, through the Canadian boreal forest, and on the back of the North Wind to the land east of the sun and west of the moon. Before it is over, the world she knows will be swept away, and everything she holds dear will be taken from her — until she discovers the true meaning of love and family in the magical realm of Ice.
Me *holding back tears*
Self: z....
Me *sighing happily while recalling the book*
Self: zzzzz....
Me* turning to look at Self.
Self: zzzZZZzzz
Me: Yo! Wake up! what the hell?
Self: zzzZZZzzzZZzzZZZZZZzzz
Me *slap myself*
Self: What the hell was that for?
Me: Why the hell did you ask me to talk about books if you're going sleep?
Self: Exactly that. I ask you talk about books so I can get to sleep.
Me: You sleep again, you lose your eyeballs. Now let's continue with the review, shall we? :>

Overall, I think this book is gorgeous. It's divided into two sections. The first describes about the relationship bet. Cassia and Bear. I'd say it's very vivid and beautiful. My stomach made some weird butterfliie thing...when they first kiss. It's not the best romance I've ever read but I certain will it give a 4/5 rate on romance al--

Self: I like romance to! Oh! Oh! I read this b--

Me *grabbed my face and pushed Self back*: Sorry for the interruption there. Technical issue. Ahahah...ahaha...ahaha...haha...ha...okay. Back to the review. The second part is about Cassie looking for Bear (not gonna tell why. And there's a GREAT addon in this part). For some reason it reminds me of the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. Of course, she didn't have to fight to survive but the obstancles she had to overcome were pretty harsh for a girl of 18 years old. In fact for anyone at all. The description was vivid and the words just flow through you.

Self: Mmmhhmmm...
Me: I like the way the author embedded Cassie's thoughts once in a while to contrast what she thought to with she actually said. It made everything seemed more real. The ending was great! I hope there'll be a second book to this series about their d...Hm...don't want to spoil t--ARHG!! WHAT THE HELL?
Self: That's what you get for grabbing my mouth!
Me: You bit me! Right on the tongue! You're disgusting!

****Glass breaking and pillow kicking sound******

To be cont

Self: Stop typing already! My review sucks!
Me: FYI! YOU are me. So stop saying my review sucks you moron!

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Super awesome giveaway @ Bibliophilic Book!

Biliophilic Book is giving away a Sony Pocket Ereader for the super lucky winner this chirstmas. There'll also a follow up winner who will get a surprise book prize and a THIRD winner who gets to pick one book from her library!! WOOHOO!!!

So head over there and participate. Contest ends 12/15!!


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Bibliophilic Books Giveaway.

Taken from Biliophilic Books site:

Today...Tomorrow...and Sunday I will post a new post and giveaway a book. "What book?" you say. Thats the cool part, YOU get to pick! are the rules:

Post a comment on the giveaway post with the name of the book you want most (that's currently available) and an email address and I will pick a single person for each day and mail them their choice of book. Each day will close on the 20th of Dec. (to give some who don't get on everyday a chance).

Anyone welcome as long as you are older than 14, live on Earth, and follow my blog.

For extra entries:
+2 for new follower
+3 for seasoned followers
+1 for social networking posts with links (twitter, ning, facebook, etc)
+5 sidebar post with link
+10 full single blog posts
+15 for adding my button to your site or adding me to your blog roll.
+20 for a contribution to my friend's collection (linked above under 1st paragraph)

So hurry over there. Give away closes on Dec 20.

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So I found this really awesome contest from Dark Fairy Tales. Here are the books that you could win. Taken straight from the site!

The rules is:
1. Each winner will get to choose which books you want in the following order: Grand Prize Winner, 1st Place Winner, 2nd Place Winner, 3rd Place Winner.
2. Giveaway is open to everyone.
3. Please include your email address in your comment.

But hurry up b/c it ends on Jan 5.

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