Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

Day 15 - 7/12/13

Slept okay. Forgot and slept on stacked pillows instead of DD and had a shitty night's sleep at first. Stomach doesn't feel as good as yesterday. Already have some burning. I'll try to not eat for a couple of hours to see if it would do anything. 

More pain around belly button. Wonder if it has something to do with the little piece of salmon I ate around 11. 

Baking soda test #2, no burping whatsoever. 

I think I have low acid now. 

10:20 2 glutamine. 

10:51 3 DGLs. 

11:07 chao with 1 piece of salmon. Pepzin and fish oil. 

11:23 No burning. Just yet?

Definitely burning and some reflux. Darn. Well at least I had a good day yesterday. Probably a good sign that my healing is kicking in. 

12:45 sucralfate. Hurts a little and some warmth. Not sure what's going on there. 

1:07 3 DGLs. 

1:25 canh with 1 piece of chicken. 

1 culturelle and 2 fiber gummies. 

Sucralfate seems to help with the burning. Hopefully I don't have an ulcer. At any rate, I think I'll keep using that for now since it doesn't seem to have any too bad of a negative effect. 

Decided not to eat for 3 hours so I can go buy betaine. Not a good idea. I almost died from lack of nutrients. Took half of the betaine now my stomach is freaking out. It hurts and burns. Took 2 tums and pepto to calm it. Barely. I don't know if I has low stomach acid but I don't think I'll be testing it out any time soon. I need time for my stomach to calm down and heal first. Still experiencing some kind of burning in my back. Wow. Scary stuff but I don't think I would have done anything differently if I were given the chance as to whether I would take the betaine. You gotta try everything and see what works. This time I failed but I did succeed in other things like licorice and coconut oil and aloe. 

I'm a little anxious now because my stomach is still burning a bit and it scares my brain though I must say I'm surprised it doesn't burning all that much. I just feel extremely gassy right now and no release from that obviously. 

I'll probably need to cry to vent all the sacres and frustration. I think the next thing to do is to take enzymes to help with bloatedness and wait for another week before thinking of trying this again if I want to. It's okay to fuck up because once I succeed, my symptoms will vastly improve. Plus I have something great to write for my personal statement now. So it's kind of a silver lining. 

4:30 pepzin, gas x, betaine, tums, pepto. 
I think I'll take some stool softener soon. Need to release this gas somehow. 

6 3 DGLs, sucralfate. 

6:30 chao with 1 piece of salmon, some soup. Align. 3 aloe gels. Very full and bloated. Some burning in my back from betaine earlier. Probably take about 3 days to stop. 

7ish 1 nature made probiotic. 2 fiber gummies. Burning! 3 glutamines. Burning on and off. 

Will try to add more probiotic in my day from now on. 

9:22 chao with canh and chicken with enzymes, 3 aloe gels, pepzin.

Bloatedness subsided. 

10:40 sucralfate. Some burning and pain as it goes down. Not sure what's going on in there. 

11:05 2 glutamine. 

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