Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

Day 3 6/30/13

Did not have good night's sleep. Lots of reflux probably because I ate too late at night. Became hungry at night too. Ate some food but my sphincter got burned again. Will try to pamper sphincter from now on. Will take cimetidine at home to prevent acid reflux. Good thing tummy didn't burn so I know at least tummy has healed enough!

Woke up at 1:30 3 5:45 and 9. 

6 took 1 glutamine. 

9:15 took 2 DGLs and some honey. Honey seems to make my mouth sour. 

9:40 ate food-first meal. Same as yesterday. 
Drank some chamomile with honey and coco oil (1 capsule)
Duodenal area itches so I think it's healed  a little. Sphincter is really tender and painful. 

10:53 finished taking a walk. 20 mins. Not bad. 

10:57 took 1 aloe gel. 

12:40 took 2 DGLs. 

1:23 finished meal #2 same food but with ca kho too. Took 1 vitamin and 1 fiber supplement. Some twinges of aches in tummy and sphincter but after a couple of minutes, but the warm feeling was slowly going away. 

3 drank some chamomile. Pooped. Not have to strain not sure if it was improvement or the stool softeners (2) from yesterday. 

4:20 took 1 glutamine. 

5:18 finished meal #3 and 1 multivitamin. 

6:13 2 DGLs. 

Slight but persistent burning!!! Probably fr watching movie the Host which requires concentration?

8ish ate food. Burning stopped. I think it was because of the movie. 

9:15 ate more food. Bloated! 

9:35-9:55 ran in basement and drank one aloe gel. 

Will try the ginger+lemon tea with probiotic tonight. 

11:32 took gas X because have lots of bubbles. Sign of low stomach acid? Took 1 glutamine. 

Will try coco oil tonight if I get "hungry" or hunger pains. 

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