Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

Day 2- 6/29/13

8:40 took DGL

9 ate yogurt and some rice. Bad idea. No yogurt early in the morning. My stomach feels burning and hot in waves. 

Pooped but took some more straining. Took some stool softener. Stool was black. 

9:48 stomach feels funky. Aches and some hot flashes. Some pain where I think is the bladder. 

10ish ate soup with carrots su and chicken. Stomach feels better but still have pins and needles feeling. 

Pooped. Yellow this time. Not black so the black stool before was probably from the DGL. 

Took 2 DGLs and 1 cimetidine. Will take some honey before eating food again and taking a walk. 

12:30 ate some spinach to reduce acid. Stomach seems to be better somewhat now. Will try not to eat honey too much since it is sugar and will increase stomach acid. 

12:39 started taking a walk. Don't feel as tires but definitely more pins and needles. Probably acid reflux but wasn't as bad as yesterday. 

1:06 done walking. 25 mins!

Exhausted. Had to lie down for a bit. 

2-4:30 took 2 DGLs then ate some good with almost a capsule of digestive enzymes. Some pain in "duodenal area" that slowly became a discomfort then some bloating but less bubbles from saliva and no heartburn and sour mouth/tummy. 

Took 1 fiber and 1 multivitamin. 

5 took 1.5 teaspoon of honey and 1 L-glutamine. No heartburn but some mild discomfort and pins and needles in sphincter and duodenal area. Probably from the protease in the enzyme pill. 

6:05 took 2 DGLs. Made some chamomile tea. 

8 ate rice and canh (chicken su and carrots) almost a bottle of Greek Yogurt. 

Drank 1 cup of Chamomile tea with honey and some coconut juice. 

Felt some burning on one spot where the duodenal area is. Bloated still with some pain when move or position in a certain way. 
10- ate some more canh. Bad idea. Will try not to eat after 9:30 then just go to bed early. 

11:15 took gas X and aloe gel (now foods)

11:26 took 1 glutamine gel. 

Uncomfortably bloated and feel like I need to burp but can't. Does not feel as good as yesterday. :(

Sleep time!

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