Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

Food poisoning.

I can't believe I'm actually recovering from this food poisoning disaster. I thought I was going to die, well, at least that's what they told me. Food poisoning. I can't help but wonder though, what kind of food poisoning that it would damage my stomach tissues? Apparently I had too much acid in my stomach and it kinda... ate into my own stomach. Hmm...better cut low on sugary drink. I guess the reason why it was so bad (went to the hospie for 2 days and the rest of the week recovering) was because I didn't eat anything for the whole day and then decided to down a whole large cup of strawberry smoothie. But hey, I didn't know!

So I haven't done anything since the Pertinence giveaway... But I have been doing a lot of reading. That's all you can do when you're in bed. Okay.... that sounds kinda wrong but oh well.

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