Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.


I am officially carless for the next three hours or so until the mechanics change my car tires. Thanks to my uncle and aunt who sold me this crappy car, I almost die twice in a year. The first happened with the brakes. For the life of me, I just don't understand why the don't change the freaking brakes for TEN YEARS AKA THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME THEY OWNED THE CAR! But that's not why I'm pissed. Its their cat, their lives so if they don't want to take care of it, fine with me. And hey, I'm not asking them to change the brakes for me, all I wanted was for them to please kindly tell me what the hell they didn't do/fix so I can do them myself!!

But no, they were all "omg, its still good. There no problem with it blah blah..."

The next time I went to the mechanics they told me e brakes were used all the way to tje bones, the very last layer of whatever it is that uses friction to stop the car when you brake. Yeah, that thing. Gone. Which means I have been pretty much going without brakes. No wonder whenver I do brake, the car made this groaning noise that sounded like someone is shoving a spatula down another's throat.

Today, well I have already said it, my car tire exploded. Granted I run over the curb but there was no excuse to why the ONE INCH THICK tire could just ripped like paper!!!

I wish I have taken a pic of the tire. It was one huge rip its unreal....

So there you have it. The the reason why I'm sitting in a public street waiting for my dad to pick me up the waited for another TWO hours before coming back to this place to pick my car up before going to buy food for my family and then some dish washing...

Why oh why do all the bad things keep happening to me?? And oh, I still have some more ranting to do but my dads here so Ill save it for some other occasion. Maybe tonight.

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