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THE LAST HELLION by Loretta Chase
Publisher: HarperCollins
Date of Publication: April 1998
Book Description:

A ferocious conflict of wills...

Vere Mallory, the Duke of Ainswood, has everything--he's titled, he's rich, he's devastatingly good looking--and he seems determined to throw it all away. Disreputable, reckless, and wild, the last of the Mallory hellions is racing headlong to self-destruction...until a mind numbingly beautiful blonde Amazon knocks him off his feet--literally.

An incendiary passion...

Lydia Grenville is dedicated to protecting London's downtrodden. Dissolute noblemen like Ainswood are part of the problem, not the solution. She would like him to get his big, gorgeous carcass out of her way so that she can carry on with her work. The problem is, Ainswood can no more resist a challenge, especially in female form, than he can resist the trouble she seems to attract.

If they can only weather their personal firestorm...
they might survive the real danger that threatens all they hold dear.

This book is well on my list of "favorite books of all time." I can't seem to find a single negative thing to say about this book... well, maybe except the part that she smokes. Once or twice when the situation requires since Lydia is a journalist therefore has to mingle on bars to seek for information.

Loretta does a splendid job is always with the conversation and the shocking twist at the end.

The chemistry between the characters sound real and not forceful like other books that I have read, not to mention that the heat from their passion alone sizzles the pages. I found myself laugh out loud, frown, and gasp as their relationship progresses. The part that really capture my attention is their relationship. Neither of them knows how to deal with marriage, especially Vere- he doesn't even think beyond the wedding night, but they are willing to stick together and sort things out. Just like how people would do in real life. I found that fascinating since most of romance books I read ends in a marriage. This book starts with one.

I'd recommend this book to all those who love romance and virgins.

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