Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

I've got 4 mins to write... oh, never mind it's 3 now.

Busy, busy, busy. I've been busting my butt on exams and tests. Thank god after this exams hell week I'll get to have a relaxing springbreak! Yeah! But first I have to get through this week which doesn't look so hot right now.

I found my Bio binder and whatever binder that I lost! Yeah!

I also bought Gone with the Winds And several collections of horror+folktales+ grimm's tales whatever you call them. And oh, some horror stories too. Can't live without a little fear in love <3

So I've got less than a min. to write therefore the last thing would be to say that my next update would be about a book.

Oh, despite how much I dislike VIRGIN STAR, I actually finished it (yes, I did skipped some pages and details, but I finished it nonetheless.) so I'll write a REVISED REVIEW on that book next time since I feel like I didn't do justice on that book. I guess my mood was foul then b/c I didn't exactly do well on one of my tests (GARR!!! School is poisoning my brain and destroying my social life!)

In the end I used 5 min to write this but oh well. Gotta take a bath before wrestling with Spanish!

Until next time!

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