Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.


So it's finally summer, which means I've already made up my mind about which college I'm attending this coming year.
It's UVA. I realize I have a lot more to brag about if I attend UVA so yeah...
But anyway, I went to the orientation and it was HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!! I had a HUGELY hard time there.

First of all, I read on the website that I should bring a blanket because it's going to be cold at the dorm where I was staying. A blanket in the middle of summer? Not likely. I thought that this advice is probably for other ppl who are attending the fall ones but nonetheless I brought one anyway. But the problem was, for some god knew reason I decided NOT to bring it in my dorm (well, I decided I was going to bring it in once I found where my dorm was) which was totally a bad idea but I'll return to that in a sec.

The first thing I noticed was out of place was that I was the only one who did not have a parent to come with me. Needless to say I was utterly alone and lost. I had to sit all by myself and saw other students' parents talked and adviced their kids about what they should do, what classes to take, where to go afterwards or just simply sat there. Sometimes, just having your parents there with you is good enough. Well, I wouldn't know.

But anyway, after that we got split up into small groups (parents were not to go with us after that) and I realized I was the only non-white kid in my group which was pretty sad but luckily everyone was very friendly. I actually learned a few things from the leader once she explained stuff to me. She went on about the schedule and whatnots but I didn't listen because I was overwhelmed by the thought that I have no idea what courses I should take. Apprently, I'm in College and college kids have like 62 pages of courses that they could choose from. that NEVER happens in high school and I didn't know (still don't) what classes I should take for a first year to fill the requirements for both pre med and the general requirements to graduate.

And then we moved on to playing ninja which was totally weird and so I just sat on the grass and asked the team leader questions about UVa. Well, others asked, I listened and tried to absorb as much info as I could.

Then we moved to lunch, which was great actually since food in my high school sucked.

The thing that bothered me was when we actually get to sign up for the classes. GOSH. I spent TWO hours picking out only 5 classes when the requirements were 25 classes including my top five. Needless to say, I gotta stay after and pick out more classes and I had to do that intermittently throughout the day just to pick out 25 classes I wanted to take out of like... 500 courses in the 62 page course catalog. I had no idea why I was so slow but thank god I finally got it done around 11 pm!

The thing I hated about this orientation is:


I just couldn't seen to make any friend since I'm not exactly the talkative type. Most of the time I just kept to myself which was awkward. Most of the time I just tagged along with this group of girls that didn't even talk to me.. How said was that!

After the course signing up, we got to our dorm and attended a meeting for 15 min before heading out for a fun event. It was supposed to be FUN but I found it astonishingly boring, especially when I was totally alone there. So after 20 min, I decided to head back. But the problem was, it was 9 o'clock at night and the way to my dorm cut through a forest kind of place with very little light. Nevertheless I wanted to go back so badly I DECIDED TO GO BY MSELF. THROUGH A FREAKING FOREST AT NIGHT! It was scary as hell because not only was it dark, it was pitch black inside the forest. I don't know why but UVA was stingy about lights on that particular area. And I kept hearing footsteps right behind me every few seconds or so. Once I even heard rustling and giggles. When I reached the edge of the forest, I freaked out. I decided to go back because I couldn't even find the trail to go IN the forest.

Then there were these two guys coming towards me. They looked HUGE! like athlete kind of HUGE. I had a feeling if they're standing in on either side of me, they'd obliterate the sun above me. I was about to press the emergency button so that the alarm would go off (what can I say, I was freaking out) but they didn't appear to be menacing. Finally I asked if I could follow them back to the dorm and they shrugged then said sure.

But the drama didn't end there. I got to the dorm around 9 30ish. That was when not bringing a blanket came back and bite me in the butt because since the sun was down, it got REALLY cold in my room. I mean REALLY REALLY cold. I couldn't believe how cold it was. I turned that AC off completely but the temperature didn't increase much. In the end I had to wear jeans, two shirts and bundled myself in towels and the mattress sheets to stop from shivering. Yeah, the mattress sheet. I know, it's weird, but when all you could think of is getting warm, I don't think you'd give a fig about how ridiculous you look.

The next day was better. A little bit. I got lost and had to ask this guy, Michael- he was one of the students at the orientation like me, to take me back to Wilson so I could sign up for the classes. It took HALF AN HOUR of walking when the sun was BEATING DOWN ON US to get to the place. He said it was okay since he was passing by that place so I could tag along. But later I found out he didn't have to do that. His parents were going to PICK HIM UP and DROVE HIM THERE but he had to wear himself off for me. That was so nice of him.

But then after I was done for the day, I got to see him again but I didn't recognize him quick enough when he looked at me so I just passed by him without say hi. That was so messed up! He probably thought I am an ungrateful person. I want beat myself up so badly!

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