Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

What I say? It's freaking snowing again!

So I've been snowed in for a week now and therefore do not have time to read a lot of books. What? You think it's ironic? Certainly not. I have a bunch of reading in my txtbook to catch up with (which I certaintly not where I'm supposed to be. English puts me to sleep.) But I did read several books and not all of them are very good.

First one I read (or is it the second? Can't remember? time has no meaning when I stay home, you see.) was THE SERPENT PRINCE by Elizabeth Hoy!

Incredibly vivid lead characters, earthy writing and an intense love story buoy the third entry in Hoyt's Georgian-set romance series (following The Leopard Prince), which kicks off with Lucy Craddock-Hayes's page-one discovery of Viscount Simon Iddesleigh in a ditch near her home, naked and beaten almost to death. Though her blustery father fears for Lucy's virtue, they take the battered man in, and the insightful, beautiful Lucy is soon as drawn to the handsome, witty gentleman as he is to her. But Simon's mission, to avenge the death of his brother, pulls him in two opposing directions: his soul-deep need for revenge and his desire to protect Lucy. The exquisite romance, flawed slightly by a dearth of historical details, is touched by Hoyt's mesmerizing storytelling; in a less talented writer, the love story could easily have been overwhelmed by the revenge subplot, but Hoyt skillfully uses Lucy and Simon's internal and external conflicts—including the threats against their lives—to enhance her love story.

First of all, I gotta say that the cover is off. WAYY off. It reflects nothing from the book. Apparently, the book mentions nothing about the huge pendant the girl is holding. Trust me, I read the books three times in a row so I KNOW. Of course there are other versions of the cover but none of them really captures the FEEL of the book. I think they just take a pretty picture and slap it on the book as a cover which is totally unacceptable since it's such a good book.

For the book. I'd recommend EVERYONE who's 18+ (apprently b/c it's romance). I love love love the main characters. Very well built, especially Lucy, the female character. I've read quite a few romance but none of them reflects such a strongwill... No. Not that but Lucy reflects inner strength just through her words and her eyes. She doesn't have to speak loudly, to argue or to shed a tear to make everyone SEE reasons. I've never seen such unique character before. It's... hard to explain. You just gotta read the book to know what I'm talking about. Simon is haunted by his past and seeking revenge for his dead brother but he redeems himself from meeting Lucy. I have to see that this is the first( yes, this book gives me a lot of firsts) time I see a hero falls head over heel for the heroine but still "refrains" himself from touching her. I remember a scene when he keeps staying away from her so much that she thought he doesn't want her anymore. Then he told her that if he touches her just ONCE he'd lose himself and take her. He can't even bring himself to kiss her goodbye and ends up cursing himself for it. I don't know why but I think it's very cute.

So in the end, this book is VERY good. I usually find several details in books that could have been improved, this book has none. It's beautifully written, a fine piece of work, indeed.

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