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Publisher: Avon
Date of Publication: July 1993

Captain Sean Seanessy returns home after braving the fury of nature and the treachery of men to discover a beautiful woman lying abandoned and unconscious on his doorstep.

I really think the cover is cute. 4.5/5 if I might rate it. I didn't give it the last 0.5 b/c while knowing that this book was published when I was 4 years old, I thought they could have done something more with the edges instead of putting a plain pink background. It made everything flat and 2D. I think it would be so much more beautiful of they could just large the flowers to fill the space instead.

Before I review this book, let me tell you straight up that I did not finish this book, and I'm not planning to in the near future either. I know I've mentioned sometimes in the past that I love reading romance where the heroin is a virgin. Well, this heroine is every bit a virgin and totally innocent. In fact, she is so innocent that it annoys me. How could she not understands that kisses make her heart faster and her pulse accelerated? Can a 21 year old woman be that innocent, or should I say dumb? Seriously? Common!

The hero is not well built either. I know nothing from his past throughout 2/3 of the book. I mean, NOTHING. I don't even know his mom's or dad's name or what they did or whether they're alive for not. I don't even know his age for crying out loud. Overall, I supposed he's the cool, mysterious, never show emotions to even the most danger situation kind of hero but really, he didn't portray that. He seems to me like a blunt, lay back person who cares nothing about the girl.

This is when I come to hate the heroine. There is a scene in the book where the hero is taking her to the place where he is supposed to meet other men to discuss about some plan and she's coming with him because she's obsessed about the fact that someone is trying to kill her and she doesn't want to be anywhere without him. Seriously, if she's a strong, free spirited person like the book "tries" to portray her, then she should just freaking stay at home instead of begging to go with him to the meeting place because he told her the meeting might end with a gun showdown. And get this, she doesn't care about his safety, she only cares about her safety so any sane person would have keep their butt home right?


she begs and begs him to let her go, dressed as a man! What he heck? And while they're on the way there, some of the hero's mistresses come and flirt with him. He comes and kiss one of them in the mouth! right in front of the girl and all she does is getting jealous and wanting him to kiss her again. If she's an innocent virgin, shouldn't she feel hurt that the man who kissed her with that same lips is kissing other girl? She doesn't even care! and the hero is rubbing in her face that he only kisses his "aquantances" whom he had bedded or planning to. And understand that I did not include the fact that they were discussing lewd things right in front of the girl's face. She. does. NOT. even. care.

What kind of an innocent virgin is that?

I know this is a really long review but I have to, have to get it out. I'm so frustrated. The author keeps throwing in engthy information and background description of character who appeared in only one or two scenes of the book. Like the guy at the antique store. All his contribution to the plot is that he happens to have the girl's piece of jewel and the hero's men want it. The author spent THREE pages on that guy's life and his relationship with his wife and what nots. I mean, seriously, WHO CARES? I kept getting sidetracked by all that information and the author keeps throwing in more characters along the way that it's really hard to keep track of the all the names.

The plot is summed up in one long and rather boring letter at the beginning of the book...

With all that was said, I'm pretty sure that you know I won't be recommending this book to anyone. Yeah, anyone. Besides, it's not like you can go to a bookstore and grab it. I had to hunt this book down and bought it online since they stopped publishing it while back.

The reason I bought this was that the reviews at amazon rate this book as 5 or 4 stars. Well, maybe it's just me who couldn't get my head in the book. Maybe I like a more short sweet and to the point books so that's why I have such a hard time with this book. So if you're a fan of slow paced and detailed description background and such this book is for you.

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