Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

Too many books, too little space, and my experience about reading books older than myself.

I few weeks ago I told you I lost my bio binder. Well, I didn't. Or rather, I found it. I can't remember how (omg, what is wrong with my brain these days?) and yeah... and today... well, guess what? I forgot my spanish finder in my Art class. At least I DO remember where I left it so it's kind of an improvement.

Right? (to think that the I have a test in spanish on Monday... but we're not gonna go there.)

So the thing is: I seriously visited three bookstores this weekend and bought a total of more than well, 20 books! I have absolutely no idea why, I just... bought them! Apparently if my room were bigger than my nostril, I wouldn't have been a problem. Well, it is. So my room right now is flooded with boxes and boxes of books! and I don't even know when in God's name I'm going to finish reading them all.

Given I have tests and quizzes coming up next week AND I have 3 chapters of Bio to read! Plus the fact that I'm off to college in less than 6 months! I wonder if they have a large enough room for me to put all my book? Please let that room be bigger than 3 food strides (that's the size of my room by the way) and please please please don't let my roommate be a drunkard or one who has a crazy appetite for sex and drugs or anything like that! Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

So back to the problem, too many books, too little space but that's no problem. I can always make use of my closet.

The main problem is that I ALSO bought some more books online. Books that are older than myself even! So they're in pretty bad condition. Apparently they smell.

I'm currently reading a rather old romance book (published in 1995, I think. Not that old to some people but compare to the fact that I've only witness life for 19 of years. It IS old)

The next post will be about one of the old books that I bought online. It's called Virgin Star by Jennifer Horsman.

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