Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.


Since my class schedule for next year sucks, I guess I'd try to make it less suck...y by looking up textbooks early. Turned out, I didn't have too hard a time with it.

Some of the sites that I have looked at are:,, Among these three, I think I love campusbookrentals the most since it has a pretty good customer service and a 30 day full refund period just in case I drop the class. seems to be the one that's the most expensive among the three, but then, some of the textbooks listed by are actually new and they're 30% less than the actually price so really... I can't complain about that. Smartcourse.... well, if I have to buy NEW textbook, I'd go for smartcourse. I saw a brand new textbook for Spy (either that, or music, I can't remember) at smartcourse that's only 7 dollars more than the used one at campusbook! That's great! Plus, I think it has free shipping. Sorry, for the uncertainties but apparently, I had just spent only 20 mins for all the sites.

Oh, half way through my research/quest, or whatever you call it, for cheap txtbooks, I came across this website: It's BIG, alright. This site lets you compare the prices from various websites which includes the three sites above and a few more, but I can only remember now. So it's very effective. Plus, it lets you have the option of viewing, new/used textbooks. It's a great site. If you're a rising college student and you are totally clueless about textbooks (like me), those are great places to start.

Lastly, not sure if this still works but here's a coupon for campusbook for 7 bucks off: resolution2010

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