Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.


This time there will be no book reviews with this post (sorry but this is just going to be my complaining.)


The most hateful thing after raping. I am sure all of us have lies. More than once. Or twice. Or more than we could possibly recall. Don't get me wrong, I lie too. However, there is a difference between small lies and those white little lies. But I will focus on white lies for now.

White lies make the liar look foolish. Especially when he/she got caught hot handedly lying. So what do they do? They punish the person who caught them lying. Why? How can they? Because they are your grandparents! They can lie and nobody can give them a damn about it.

My appologies for cursing. I tend to lose control when I am furious.

As mentioned in the last post, it was snowing ----- and again, you freely have the choice not to read this post or leave this blog as you please. In fact, don't even bother reading about this post. It's intended for me and those who are in my situation.-------

I was snowing yesterday. Therefore we had to dig my car up from the 14 something in of snow. Now let's stop and count. There are five people in my house. At least for today. But only 2 went out to shovel. Me and my mother. My grands remained in the house, which was something totally acceptable. Afterall, they are too old. They should lie back and enjoy their remaing time (before they die).

So that left the fifth person. She didn't go out. Why? Because she didn't feel like it and nobody dares to say a damn thing because she's my grandmom's favorite so if you touch her, you touch her little sensitive spot and she would rise and rip you into pieces. Like a dog tearing a piece of meat.

So my mom and I, two figures whose weights combined didn't even surpase 150 lbs went out and battled with the 14 something in of snow. I looked as my mom's figure lost in the white blanket of snow while someone in there, someone who should be out here, nestled comfortably her bed.

Nevertheless we didn't complain. Finally, my grandfather joined us and my mom dismissed me since I was becomming increasingly pale and hands were freezing. I went inside. And caught the conspiracy.

Obviously my beloved grandmother had already planned on everything. Pretending that my cousin was sick that was why she could not help us. They started laughing because my mother and I had to -- and I quote-- "work our asses off out there."

Too bad I caught their white lies so they started punishing me. First saying that I was disrespectful for laying the dishes in the sink too loud (what the fuck does she want me to do? If I put the dishes down they had to make some noise! Fucking study physics if she doesn't know that simple principle! Then again, she never did study. Didn't even go to school for a single day. I understand.) So my mother asked me to go upstairs and now they were raising hell with her.

All because I caught their little white lies.

However, if someone else had caught them...say, my other cousins-- I have plenty of those-- she would drop to her knees and kiss their little toes and that white lie will immediately be denied by its very own creator.

Why, you asked?

Simple. This is when your common sense kicks in. The reason can be summed up to one word: Poverty. Yes. My mother is poorest of her daughters. That's why we had to live with her since we couldn't afford an appartment. Trust me. It doesn't feel nice when she constantly tells us that we're eating off her and ask us to move out of her house. But hey, my mom did pay them for letting us stay and she bought her own food. That is not include the countless time my beloved grandmom "borrowed" her money for my cousin, who is right now, I'm sure, is still sleeping in her comfy bed, but I digressed.

So you see, my friends. All the talks about "poverty is just temporary as long as there is a will, there is a way," they are bull****. Poverty is a crime. Because you are poor, people can strample on you whenever they please. Because you're poor you are the reason for everything inconvinience in their lives. Because you are poor you do not have the right to be comfortable. Because you are poor you have to work "your asses off." Because your poor, you have no families nor friends. Everyone is your enemies. And by God, I swear, someday, I WILL show them a taste of what they have done to me soon.

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