Feeling much better today! Barely any pain in the morning but I went to see World War Z and now I'm back to feeling pain again. Darn.

Second Personal Post...

So if you happen to land on my blog from whatever place you have been, you know that you've been idle (as in don't have a life) why on earth would you land on such a boring blog like mine! Ha!

Let me tell you right up that I'm not a very active person. I blog once in a while. I love books (apparently) with all the book contests that I've entered.

I don't review books. I don't have time for that. My life is overwhelmed with school since well...I want to be the top student in school so what do I expect? (so far I'm at a pretty good position of getting in the top 5 but I want to be the best.) Okay, so enough of my digresssion.

I will occasionally give some thoughts about the book I've just read. For me, rating is from the scale of 1-3. (sometimes I use decimals, too).
1- waste of time.
2-they tried.
3-great book.

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